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Yunnan Grottoes Buddha traced collective beheaded official: long-standing original title: net exposure Yunnan Grottoes Buddha was beheaded: collective official damaged long-standing Kunming Beijing on 10 October, (Wang Yi) 10, leaked online eighteen Luo Hanfo head destroyed, a Kunming peace Dali grotto site on the brink of destruction ". The reporter from the Yunnan province Kunming Anning county cultural relics administration was informed that the temple statues in damaged prior to the 80s, now only as a "cultural relics protection". From the KunMing West Railway Station, drove half an hour can reach is located in Anning City five kilometers east of the foothills of the temple grottoes. The temple was built in the yuan and Song Dynasty Buddhist grottoes in the surrounding environment, trees Conglong, birds singing, the carved stone statue of many, various shapes, true to life, is one of the ancient ethnic minority areas China few grotto art, also is an important material of Buddhist culture in Yunnan Province, in 1965 by the Yunnan Provincial People’s government as a key Yunnan provincial key cultural relics protection units. After thousands of years of wind and rain to see the cultural monuments, hidden in the mountains of the song and Yuan Dynasties with the crumbling grottoes. Located in the center of the temple of stone Buddha features have been unable to identify the walls, the Buddha statue was under the countless graffiti "decoration" beyond recognition. In addition, in the grotto group, almost all the statues of Buddha head statue destroyed, not preserved. Public data shows: Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty, the temple has experienced the first damage during 1966 to 1976 after the two destruction. Anning County Propaganda Department staff Ma Jun said, before 1980 second destroyed, all the statues of the Buddha head is cut off, and then showing what we see today. Anning County Cultural Relics Management Institute, said the revitalization of Ukraine, at the end of last century, the local cultural relics management committee of ICU, build Taiwan on this and intended by the original places of historic interest and scenic beauty, the renovation of the temple, and in 2006 to convene of technology to protect the cultural relics experts statues. "The weather is unpredictable, in 2007 after the temple mountain landslides, and the caves caused third damage." Whether it is the Buddha or graffiti on the broken walls, mostly left before 1980." The revitalization of Ukraine said that although there is also a small amount of tourists have similar behavior, but we are promptly stopped and punished, "the grotto has always been the person responsible for the custody, will also regularly check the fire safety." Ukrainian revitalization, said the county had to consider the tranquility of the temple and the Buddha to recover, but ultimately did not perform. Hastily repair will affect the original appearance of the culture here. In accordance with international practice, the cultural relics have been damaged, should only be used as sites to protect. (end) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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