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Zeng Cheng Xu Jiayin Hengda won the million grand prize special treatment to Europe – Sohu Hengda Sports Awards CengCheng million yuan to arrange surgery at the end of the twelve World Cup last season, China team home court: 0 0 draw with Iran team, won a valuable point. Goalkeeper had been in the game was kicked off the other side of the game early in the game, after the game, according to the diagnosis, had a lateral ligament rupture, posterior cruciate ligament rupture, is expected to rest for 6 to 8 months. The good news is that, in addition to the purchase of insurance for the International Football Association Chinese, Hengda club Taobao yesterday also said Zeng Cheng will reward 1 million yuan, in recognition of its national team indomitable spirit and win glory for the country. It is understood that after being seriously injured, chairman of the board of directors of Hengda Group Xu Jiayin personally instructed to be the first time to have been sent to Europe’s best medical institutions for surgery and postoperative rehabilitation. Xu Jiayin further instructions, the club rewarded CengCheng "Hengda international national team struggle award a medal, the award 1 million yuan; the next player in the club’s squad in the heroic wounded, Hengda will continue as in the past to give encouragement to all players, Hengda international keep in mind the national honor above all else, with a strong the sense of mission and sense of responsibility, sense of national, hard, hard training, wolf, full shopping opponent, and strive for the national team in the 2018 World Cup finals in russia. Hengda has repeatedly commended for their country’s international, the 2013 East Asian Cup, Zeng Cheng not only repeatedly rescued the opponent will score, but also a door emergency regardless of personal danger, results in resolving the opponent to shoot at the same time, is also the South Korean players kick to the face directly. After Hengda Group to be awarded "CengCheng Hengda international struggle award". In March this year to beat the world cup in Qatar, Huang Bowen scored the first goal to become the national football final won this game one of the heroes of the game he also received an additional one million yuan reward. (source: Sohu sports)相关的主题文章:

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