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Mrs. Zhang Jizhong: real man hit admission dispute woman pepper spray because of divorce disputes, Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin Man 2 on the morning of the outbreak of the conflict, fan Xin man party accused Zhang Jizhong zamen hit, Zhang Jizhong accused the other hit pepper spray, the two sides deadlocked one day, has not yet reached a settlement in the police mediation. Media reports, two people because of physical discomfort, both rushed into the hospital by emergency. The woman called Zhang Jizhong is sick, she is really to send emergency. According to informed sources, Zhang Jizhong recently returned home from the United States and filed an agreement divorce with Fan Xinman. Because involves the interests of other shareholders, fan Xin man out of consideration the agreement of divorce, but Zhang Jizhong in the agreement and become aggravated added a lot of harsh conditions, thus the two sides have differences. After Zhang Jizhong home repeatedly forced fan Xin man signed an agreement of 31 days and for the same reason, Zhang Jizhong took my brother home again, said fan Xin man don’t sign the divorce agreement not to leave, resulting in fan Xin man made micro-blog, accusing Zhang Jizhong in order to obtain the hidden marital property, repeated the door to threaten their sign the divorce agreement, even resorting to violence in the home smashed camera. The early morning of November 2nd, Zhang Jizhong and his brother came to the fan Xin man home again, because the fan Xin man refused to open the door to open the door. The photos can be seen on the fan glass shattered, the pot was smashed by two or three, with the former dirt shop. According to informed sources, in order to prevent fan vine once again send micro-blog, Zhang Jizhong also forcibly taken away fan vine mobile phone. At present, the police have arrived at home cooking, while the opposite picture police black Mercedes is the endorsement of Zhang Jizhong, the Tencent Zhang Jizhong entertainment line, but the other party has been unable to connect the phone, the reporter will continue to pay attention to this matter.

张纪中夫妇纠纷入院:男的砸房 女的喷辣椒水 因为离婚纠纷,张纪中和樊馨蔓2日上午爆发冲突,樊馨蔓方控诉张纪中砸门打人,张纪中方控诉对方打人喷辣椒水,双方僵持一天,在警察调解后仍未达成和解。有媒体报道,两人因身体不适,双双经急诊被送入医院。女方称张纪中是装病,真正要送急诊的是她。据知情人士透露,张纪中近日从美国回到国内,向樊馨蔓提出协议离婚。由于牵扯到公司其他股东利益,樊馨蔓出于多方考虑同意协议离婚,但张纪中在协议中又变本加厉附加了很多苛刻条件,双方由此产生分歧。此后张纪中多次到家中逼迫樊馨蔓签署协议,31日又因为同样缘由,张纪中带着弟弟再次上门,称樊馨蔓不和自己签离婚协议就不离去,最终导致樊馨蔓发了微博,控诉张纪中为了获取隐藏的婚内财产,屡次上门威胁自己签字同意协议离婚,甚至诉诸暴力砸坏家中摄像头。11月2日一早,张纪中便和弟弟等人再次来到樊馨蔓的家中,由于樊馨蔓拒绝开门便把大门砸开。通过现场照片可以看出,樊家们上的玻璃碎落一地,花盆被砸碎的有两三个,泥土也铺满门前。据知情人士透露,为了防止樊馨蔓再次发微博,张纪中还强行夺走了樊馨蔓的手机。目前,警方已抵达樊家,而图片中警察对面的黑色奔驰车便是张纪中的座驾,为此腾讯娱乐连线张纪中,但对方电话一直无法接通,记者将持续关注此事。相关的主题文章:

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